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Top 10 FREE Learning Resources

After over a decade in the classroom and now as a full-time tutor, I use so many resources to support my student's learning. Here are the top 10 FREE resources with LINKS you can use to further your student's progress today!

This resource includes state standard aligned curriculum for PreK-8th grade math, high school and college math, arts and humanities, test prep, life skills, economics, computers, and language arts for 2nd-9th grade. Features include tutorial videos, quizzes, feedback when you get the answer incorrect, and my student's favorite--the chime with the confetti when you get the answer right.

My students love to play a game on Blooket for a mini break as a reward or as a fun way to practice a skill. You can play solo or play with friends, make up your own Blooket game and publish it or choose from a multitude of pre-made games. You can also set a timer for the game or a set number of questions, as well as a theme, such as "Fishing Frenzy" or "Monster Brawl." It's free to set up an account, but there is a paid option as well.

Free math games! I use the multiplication, division, addition and subtraction flashcards the most while screensharing over Zoom, but there are also printable games. I love that students can check their answers on the flashcards. For ages K-5.

Read Works is a nonprofit organization that provides free articles, quizzes, comprehension questions, and written response opportunities. Choose to read about science, social studies, social/emotional learning, poetry, holidays, and the arts. You can create an account for your student and assign them reading based on their area of focus. For grades K-12.

This resource provides book selections for elementary aged students. You don't even need to set up an account. Simply click on the link and start reading a book about family, dogs, seasons, trucks, friends, food, and so much more! The colorful front covers and photos inside the books will engage your students immediately.

I use this resource the most for my in-person students who need handwriting practice. You can create your own worksheets without creating an account and download them as PDFs for printing. There are also options to create worksheets for math, ELA, geography, puzzles, and more!

This is an online magazine with free and paid options. I get free weekly resources sent to my in-box and have attended several free webinars on neurodiversity. This resource is awesome for anyone living with ADHD or experiencing the symptoms of ADHD in their classrooms, families or friendships.

Provided by the University of Florida Reading Institute, you will find over 100 systematic phonics lessons with Google slides, PowerPoints and downloads to teach and review essential skills for reading foundations.

Lesson planning is so easy and fun with premade templates, lessons, and games. Search by state standards and find hundreds of ready to use resources for online learning or teaching. My students love to play Time to Climb, a Nearpod quiz game, where they race against their friends for the top score.

Many schools use the Fountas and Pinnell leveling system for reading evaluations. You can find a list of books here, download the PDF evaluation page, and then search for the titles on AnyFlip to read with your student to get a general reading level.

And there you have it! My top 10 free resources you can use with your student today! Do you know more free resources? Add them to the comments!

Here's to your student's progress: one step at a time until it all comes together.

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